Famoso Miniature Bull Terriers

News 20.06.2016 !!

Puppies: We do not have any puppies availableat this stage. 

For info please contact us on famosokennels@gmail.com 



       The Miniature Bull Terrier       

On our website you will find everything you need to know about family's best friend and protector.






ABOUT US:  Since 1996...

We have been breeding as a member of the German association for dogs - VDH - the head association in Germany - member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organisation FCI).

Since I was 14 I always wanted to have a Bull Terrier or Miniature Bull Terrier and in 1996 it happened. Miniature Bull Terrier were very rare back then in 1996 and so I decided to get myself my first standard Bull Terrier. She was a brindle girl and such a beauty which I will never forget (see pictures below). 

As Germany's youngest Breeder we enjoy a good reputation over the years.





Of these past years were annual dog exchanges to and from different countries, visits to German and International Dog Shows and the achievement of titles in exhibitions across Europe, where we either exhibited our dogs or met other dog lovers and dog breeders.

Since 2006...

We moved to Australia in 2006 and keep continuing breeding here

Since February 2007...

we are breeding as a member of the Canine Control Council Queensland.

More information...

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